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You may have what it takes to be an Ombudsman if you: enjoy visiting elders, have 12 or more hours a month to volunteer (2+ hours/week), and are caring and compassionate, a good listener, highly observant, good at problem-solving, able to hold confidences securely, reliable, resourceful, a good negotiator, persistent and patient, unafraid of speaking out when something is not right--and able to persist until it is right.

What does an Ombudsman do?
  • Visits residents of long-term care facilities (nursing homes and residential care facilities) about once every week or two.
  • Listens to residents' concerns and problems while having a friendly visit.
  • Ensures that the residents' rights to self-determination are always respected.
  • Helps residents clarify their needs and advocates for themselves.
  • Assists the residents and staff in discovering resources and developing solutions to issues as they arise.
  • When necessary, reports violations to appropriate government authorities.


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