Refugee Supportive Services

We provide employment services, Vocational English as a Second Language (VESL) classes and help with social adjustment.

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What are Refugee Supportive Services?

We offer services to refugees to guide them towards economic independence by obtaining and maintaining employment. Some of the services provided are:

  • Employment Services (employability assessment, training and job preparedness, job placement, job retention)
  • Vocational English as a Second Language (VESL) classes to assist participants to become employed
  • Social Adjustment and Integration

Refugee Supportive Services also address barriers to employment by providing interpretation and translation services, day care for children, and help with transportation costs.

Who is eligible?

  1. Newly arrived refugees (entered the United States (U.S.) within the past 12 months);
  2. Refugees who are receiving RCA or CalWORKs cash assistance and who are unemployed;
  3. Unemployed refugees who are not receiving cash assistance and have not been in the U.S. for more than 60 months; and/or
  4. Employed refugees in need of services to retain employment or to attain economic independence.

We collaborate with Community-Based Organizations (CBOs) to provide employment services and Vocational English as a Second Language (VESL) classes  for monolingual and limited english proficient participants.