Language Access

Language Access Services

The Social Services Agency is committed to providing meaningful access to all individuals requesting its services. All clients have the right to receive services in their preferred language. At all times, English, limited-English, or non-English speaking individuals will receive equal services from the Agency. Refer to the Social Services Agency's Limited English Proficiency (LEP) Plan for mandated policies and procedures.

Did you Know?

  • It is the Agency's policy to offer and provide non-English speaking and Limited English speaking (LEP) individuals free language interpretive services at each contact.
    • Translation: The process of expressing written words from one language to another
    • Interpretation: The process of expressing verbally, or in sign language, the words of a person speaking a different language

Non-English speaking and Limited English-speaking individuals should never be turned away or told they need to provide their own interpreter.

The Alameda County Social Services Agency is required to provide translation and interpretation immediately to customers with a threshold language as their primary language. A threshold language is a language spoken by 5% or more of the population serviced in your area, so the threshold may be different for every office location. In general, ACSSA's threshold languages are:

  • Spanish
  • Traditional Chinese (Cantonese)

As a rule, the following languages are included due to the differences in the office locations spread throughout Alameda County:

  • Vietnamese
  • Farsi
  • Cambodian
  • Tagalog

IMPORTANT:  Always inform staff if you need translation and/or interpretive services.