Informing the provision of services for older adults

Countywide Area Plan for Older Adults:
Your Plan, Your Voice!

Every four years, the Area Agency on Aging (AAA) prepares a Countywide Area Plan for Older Adults (CWAP) that strategizes decisions, partnerships, and improvements throughout Alameda County for residents aged 55+. The services are provided by the AAA along with our network of community partners, which include the Advisory Commission on Aging, community-based organizations, public agencies, and the private sector. 

Thank You Alameda County! Older adults in Alameda County, people who care about them, and those wondering what your life as a senior will look like - you have made a big difference! 

We received over 3,500 responses from Alameda County residents aged 55+, and were inspired by your lively discussions at our public forums and public hearing. You have helped to create an area plan that reflects your needs, your vision, and your perspective.

Alameda County's 2024-2028 CWAP has been submitted to the State of California. To read the current CWAP and previous CWAPs, see the "accordions" below. Note that every year we will issue a progress report known as the Area Plan Update (or APU) - and you will have a chance to tell us how we're doing!

CWAP Public Forums: Thanks to our Board of Supervisors and everyone in the community who participated in our five public forums about the CWAP (one in each County district). If you missed them or want to refresh your memory, you can watch the recordings:
District 1 (12/7/23)
District 2 (11/13/23) - available shortly
District 3 (12/6/23) 
District 4 (1/12/24) 
District 5 (10/30/23) - available shortly
Public Hearing (5/6/24) - available shortly

Background: The CWAP's direction is steered by a committee that includes representatives from community-based organizations, cities, consumers, academics, and other stakeholders. Planning also includes multiple departments within Alameda County, including the Social Services Agency, Health Care Services Agency, Public Health, Behavioral Health Department, and other agencies. 

Questions? Contact us at or (510) 268-CWAP (2927).

Thank you!