Advisory Commission on Aging


The Alameda County Advisory Commission on Aging (ACA) advises and provides information to the Board of Supervisors and the Area Agency on Aging (AAA). The commission is made up of representatives concerned about the needs and interests of elders in Alameda County. The commission works in concert with the staff of the AAA to develop, plan, and administer, programs designed to assist elders and their caregivers in the county. 

The ACA reviews requests for funding from local community-based organizations and provides recommendations for funding to the Board of Supervisors. The commission also reviews and recommends the AAA's countywide area plan and year-end reports. Each commissioner serves on one of the following committees: Health & Safety, Public Relations, or Legislative Advocacy.

The commission includes 21 members, who are appointed by the Board of Supervisors or Alameda County Mayor's Conference. Members may serve a maximum of two, four-year terms. For more information about Alameda County Boards and Commissions and for Advisory Commission on Aging membership information, Click Here

To learn more information about meetings, agenda items, etc., please contact Jennifer Stephens-Pierre, Director, Area Agency on Aging, 510-577-1966 or

ACA Commission Calendar

Please note: Due to the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency, all Commission meetings will be held virtually, and meeting participation will be made available to the public on this site. Public participation is welcome. Please see the meeting calendar below for meeting information. 

The ACA normally meets the second Monday of each month from 9:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Meeting schedule is subject to change.

The Commission welcomes you to its meetings and your interest is appreciated. Public comment is permitted, for items not on the agenda, please wait until the Chair calls for public input; for comments on items on the agenda or for general public announcements, please wait until the Chair calls for announcements from the public at the end of the meeting. We request that individuals raise their hand, limit their comments on any single item on the agenda to three minutes. The chosen spokesperson for a group may speak for five minutes. If you wish to speak on a matter on the agenda or during public input:

  • Instructions on joining a meeting by video conference are available at
  • If using a laptop: use the raise your hand button. When you are called to speak, please unmute your speaker.
  • If calling in: dial *9 to raise your hand to speak. When you are called to speak, the host will unmute you to enable you to speak. If you decide not speak, you may hang up and dial back into the meeting or simply notify the host you do not wish to speak when you are unmuted and asked to speak. When addressing the Commission, please give your name for the record before your presentation. If you wish to speak on a matter not on the agenda, please wait until the Chair calls for public input. NOTE: Only matters within the Commission’s jurisdiction may be addressed. Time limitations shall be at the discretion of the Chair.

ACA Meeting Agendas