Government and Community Relations

Who We Are

Government and Community Relations (GCR) serves as the primary liaison between the Agency and federal, state, and local government entities and community organizations on issues affecting social services.  GCR represents the agency at community events, and fosters relationships with constituent groups and local leaders to create a positive impact on our County.

GCR also provides strategic counsel to the Executive Team and offers agency administration services including child care subsidies, disaster preparedness and emergency management, immigrant relations, legislative and budget analysis, program evaluation and strategic planning, program integrity and information systems, and oversight of ALL IN Alameda County and the Workforce Development Board.  

Assistant Agency Director

Anissa Basoco-Villarreal


  • Alameda County Workforce Development Board

    Provides employers and job seekers with universal access to tools, resources, and services that assist with obtaining employment and business goals.

  • Information Services & Program Integrity Division

    Provides Agency staff the tools and support needed to navigate a client’s respective case management system(s) and is responsible for the implementation of new technology systems and services as well as the maintenance and operations of existing systems.

    Ensures that clients receive all benefits to which they are entitled while enhancing the integrity of SSA’s programs. 


Programs and Initiatives

  • Child Care

    Provides child care subsidies for children 0 to 12 years of age and are made available to eligible families on a time-limited basis.

  • Immigrant Relations

    Provides education and resources that help local governments, community partners, and other entities understand the issues, needs, and contributions of immigrants.