Office of Disaster Preparedness & Emergency Mgmt.

Supports the Agency and community in preparing for, responding to, and recovering from disasters or emergencies.

Who We Are

The Office of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management (DPEM) ensures the Agency is prepared for significant disasters and emergencies occurring in Alameda County. DPEM maintains readiness to support disaster response, recovery, and mitigation.

DPEM is committed to prepare the Agency to respond to the needs of County residents and ensure the road to recovery during disasters and navigate with compassion, care, and the utmost attentiveness. 

Emergency Care and Shelter

DPEM is the lead for the Alameda County Office of Emergency Services (OES), Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Care and Shelter Branch. The Assistant Agency Director for the Department of Government and Community Relations serves as the Care and Shelter Branch Chief.

During a declared emergency, the Care & Shelter Branch is responsible for:  Emergency Shelter, Emergency Food, and Emergency Child Care.

Disaster Service Workers (DSWs)

All County employees are designated as Disaster Service Workers (DSWs). DSWs assist in protecting public health and safety and preserving lives and property during disasters and emergencies.

DPEM ensures Agency staff are aware of their role and able to complete trainings that may increase their readiness to respond as such.  

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