Public Records Request

Submit a request for agency records under the California Public Records Act.

What is the California Public Records Act?

The California Public Records Act is designed to provide public access to information concerning the conduct of business by public agencies, unless exempted by law. The California Public Records Act is codified under California Government Code Section 6250-6276.48.

How do I request public records?

A request to obtain copies of public records may be made in writing, by electronic submission, or verbally in person or over the phone. However, to avoid confusion and to make certain that you obtain the records you want, it is best to put your request in writing. Try to be as clear as possible when requesting records and put date limits on your request. Offer any search clues you can.

Records in possession of the Social Services Agency may be requested in the following ways: 

Please read entire page before submitting

  • By submitting the Public Records Request Form
  • By email:
  • By U.S. Mail to:
    • Alameda County Social Services Agency
      Attention: A004
      2000 San Pablo Avenue, Suite 445
      Oakland, CA 94612.
  • Requests may also be made verbally at any ACSSA office or by calling (510) 267-9448. 

Contact information is required so that we may respond to your request.

When will I receive a response?

When a request for public records is received, the ACSSA has 10 days to respond to the request. When necessary, the ACSSA may, upon written notice to the requestor, request additional time to respond.

Is there a fee?

The ACSSA does not charge for the time and costs incurred in searching for, locating, or collecting records. However, the ACSSA may charge a fee for the direct cost of duplicating and mailing records. The current cost to duplicate paper records is $0.10 per page, along with any costs for United States Postal Service First-Class Mail postage rate.

Requests for Individual Records

For clarification, the SSA-PRA request form and e-mailbox pertain to non-confidential records that are disclosable to the public upon request per the California Public Records Act (CPRA). Client files are confidential and are not public records.  

Requests for Individual Records may be requested using the following methods:

1. Benefits Records:

2. CPS Records:

  • Requests for individual child welfare records must be submitted directly to the Social Services Agency, Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) Records Department. They can be reached during business hours at (510) 268-2740 or

3. Criminal Records:

4. Sherriff's Records:

5. Divorce/Marriage Records: