Aging & Disability Resource Connection

Aging & Disability Resource Connection (ADRC)

The Alameda County Area Agency on Aging (AAA), along with The Center for Independent Living (TheCIL) and Community Resources for Independent Living (CRIL) are working together as a reemerging ADRC to promote and provide easy, uniform, and streamlined access to a broad array of services, support, and advocacy for individuals seeking long-term supports and services (LTSS) and information about LTSS resources.

Core services of the ADRC include:

  • Enhanced Information and Assistance is an in-depth process that provides individualized access assistance, extensive follow-up, and individual advocacy if necessary and requested
  • Person-Centered Counseling, provides guidance to individuals in making informed choices about LTSS
  • Short-term Service Coordination for up to 90 days
  • Transitional Services such as hospital to home and nursing facility to home

Core Partners: